Digital Readiness Assessment Tool (DigiRAsT)

The Digital Readiness Assessment Tool (DigiRAsT) is one of the main project results, developed to provide quick assessments on digital readiness at course or secondarily organisational level based on user input.


A tool is developed to provide quick assessments regarding digital readiness at course or organisation level based on user input. The tool is publicly available online (it is accessible from web interface and different mobile devices (e.g. tablets, laptops) and for its development a lean approach will be also followed. The scope is to have a lightweight medium to assess the digital readiness and, in the case that it is not to a desired/acceptable level, to understand what are the mitigation actions that can be taken, in order to reach the target level. It will also contain the possibility to do automatic comparative analysis and benchmarking. Among the partners there is experience in evaluation and assessment tools, in developing several ones for the assessment of the performance of specific processes and, of course, in provision of VET training. Moreover, in this outcome, the crisis management skills of the consortium will be put to use, in order to serve the goal of mitigating towards the covid-19 and post covid-19 era.


The DigiRAsT is content agnostic, thus fully transferable to all learning contexts simply by defining how new challenges will be served.

All content, included in the DigiRAsT tool, is protected by a CC license