ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – Institute for Sustainable Technologies in Radom (ŁUKASIEWICZ – ITeE) is a member of the Łukasiewicz Research Network, the third largest R&D network in Europe, comprising over 30 institutes in Poland. The Network is focused on research areas such as: Health, Intelligent Mobility, Digital Transformation and Sustainable Economy & Energy. It provides business with attractive, broad and competitive technological solutions.
Łukasiewicz-ITEE was established in 1986 and it has earned international recognition since then. It employs highly qualified interdisciplinary staff (180 people in total), of whom over 60% are research employees. It has an acclaimed position as a coordinator and executor of national and international projects, including strategically important research programmes. It participates in research and implementation in the areas of advanced technological solutions as well as education and entrepreneurship.
Centre for the Research of Vocational Education and Innovation Development is one of the departments existing in the structure of Łukasiewicz-ITeE, which employs 12 R&D experts specializing in development of intellectual capital for an innovative economy, standardization of occupational qualifications and competences, continuous vocational education and quality assurance of formal and non-formal education.
Activity of the Centre is particularly focused on:

  • the development of research methods of work pedagogy, including diagnosis and prognosis of new occupations as well as qualifications and skills required by advanced technologies and smart specializations;
  • performing the function of the External Quality Assurance Entity for market qualifications introduced into the Integrated Qualifications System;
  • supporting VET teachers and vocational counselors in developing educational processes, incl. designing vocational training programs and multimedia educational packages;
  • supporting the development of skills required by the innovative knowledge-based economy;
  • dissemination of research results, transfer of knowledge for the development of formal and non-formal education and editorial staffing of the scientific-research quarterly “Edukacja Ustawiczna Dorosłych” (Jurnal of Continuing Education).

Dr. Jolanta Religa – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professional specialty: continuing education, education policy and the labour market, standardization of occupational qualifications and competences. She has more than 20 years of professional experience. She designs and executes research and implementation works, inter alia, in the field of labour market analyses, including trends in qualification requirements for workers, teaching and learning in work processes, formal and informal adult education and training systems, quality assurance of teaching and learning processes. She develops and implements innovative methods of group work. She designs, implements, evaluates national and international research projects (over 20 projects in total).

Dr. Krzysztof Symela – doctor of pedagogical sciences. Manager of the Centre for the Research of Vocational Education and Innovation Development. Professional specialty: work pedagogy, andragogy, education policy and the labour market, sectoral qualifications framework, new generations of standards for qualifications and vocational competencies, modular curricula and educational packages. In the time 2008-2009 Director of Vocational and Continuing Education Department in the Ministry of National Education responsible for management and coordination of the VET system in Poland.Eeditor-in-chief of the „Journal of Continuing Eductaion”.

Tomasz Sułkowski – researcher, coordinator of the team for External Quality Assurance for market qualifications (Integrated Qualification System). Professional specialty: competence requirements of the labour market, qualifications and their quality assurance, validation and certification of competence, IT in learning/teaching processes, quality assurance systems.